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10-month kids group coaching 

transforming kids lives

Together, in 10 months, we will work on very important areas of your kid’s lives to help them be the best version of themselves. We will work on Ethics, Emotional Intelligence, Health, Habits, Mindset, Setting Goals, Meditation and Visualization, Self-esteem, Environment, Entrepreneurship, Finances, and Creativity. They will also learn how every decision they make will have an impact on their future.  They will learn how to CHOOSE encouraging beliefs to empower them!

What will they learn?

- What makes you “you”.

- Ethics and why is it so important to have values in life?

- Emotional Intelligence... How to recognize what they are feeling and what to do with theirs and other people's feelings.

- Entrepreneurship and finances for kids. How to start their own business and how to take care of their money. 

- How to be more creative.

- How to have healthy habits.

 This and more...


How we'll work together.

- 15 kids per group coaching (no more than 15 kids per group)

- We will have a meeting once a  month for 4 hours, for 10 months.

- We will have a weekly 1-hour group call with them to see how they are doing and for Q & A.

- Your child will have weekly assignments which we will discuss the following week.

- We'll exchange e-mails during the week if you have any questions.

We will work on breathing exercises and meditation to help your child deal with stress and anxiety

- We will also work on creativity (yes!! they will do art and have FUN!!)


   And more…