More About Veronica

Passionate About Inspiring Others

"I am A BIG dreamer, Artist and very Outgoing. I am also very optimistic and believe that EVERYTHING is possible! I see an opportunity in everything, especially in bad times or hard times. I am also an Entrepreneur, Speaker, teacher and Certified Coach. Family is the most important thing in the world for me, my kids are my life and my biggest inspiration. I love to travel and to meet new people all the time. I truly believe that we are born with a mission and with a purpose and that we should use it to serve others. I also know that with the right mind set we can accomplish anything we dreamed. We just need the will, the right systems and accountability to help us to do so! And now I am here to help you…"

  • Health & Life Coach with NLP

  • Communicator Certified

  • Leadership Certified

  • BS in Interior Design

  • Class and Event Coordinator

  • 10+ Years as an Entrepreneur

  • Facilitator

  • Speaker