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Empower Kids is a program that offers a life coaching experience for children and teens.

Our mission is to support children to develop skills in ethical reasoning, critical thinking, and respectful discussion to develop an engaging, age-appropriate, interconnected curriculum that spans the primary years to their teenage years.  With our programs and 1:1 coaching,  the kids that we work with learn ethics education, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, and finances as well as creativity,  incredibly important in a child's development and more. 

We live surrounded by large groups of people and situations and our kids need to grow up understanding their role in their community, within their families and their society and to understand that their actions and decisions will have an impact on their lives and those around them.

Empower kids offers LIVE ONLINE ART CLASSES for children 7 to 16.  This online class teaches not only art and art history, but also to be more independent, time management, to be patient, to pay attention to detail, to listen and respect others as the interaction is very different from a regular classroom. 


Little Boy Drawing